Temporary Moments of Weightlessness

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4 thoughts on “Temporary Moments of Weightlessness

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  1. This is an awesome gallery. The pictures are beautiful. I have always wondered how the subject can be in the shot multiple times. I see it a lot with skiing and mountain biking pictures. You might have to share you knowledge and tell me how you achieve that. Great pics!

    1. Thanks Courtney,
      To achieve the “action sequence” effect a person must blend multiple exposures in an image editing program. When shooting the action I use a high shutter speed (at least 1/250s to freeze the action) and have the camera’s drive mode set to high speed burst mode. Later I get busy with the Photoshop.

  2. Hey Mike, I missing you two and decided to visit all your photos again. You are an amazing photographer! Give you sweetheart a big hug from me..

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