Everyone and their dogs

The toughest dog in Alaska (see earlier post for explanation), Tank the terrier, has remained vigilant all summer long.  Night and day the streets of McCarthy are safe under the watchful eye of this dog.  With the nearest law enforcement located hours away in Glen Allen, it’s important to have a local presence of order.  Here are some pictures of Tank on patrol.

See the criminal tresspassers run in fear.  Terriers are renowned for their incredible strength.  The log Tank is hauling weighs twice as much as he does.

Moments after this picture was taken, the daring and careless man suffered a broken arm.

Tank may be the toughest dog around, but the coolest dog is Gus.  Gus is a blue heeler owned by a couple from Arkansas.  Although Gus doesn’t look big, he weighs like 70 pounds.  He’s dense, like dark matter or certain kinds of brownies.  His dense status doesn’t stop him from performing astonishing acrobatic feats.  Here are two pictures of Gus in turbo frisbee anti-gravity mode.  Also pictured is Tazzy, the most beatific Zen border collie in existence.

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  1. The pic of Augustus suspended mid-catch is pretty spectacular… when he’s not leaping for frisbees, he’s sleeping in our bed (we bought a king mattress just for him). How’s it going Mike? I enjoyed your blog about McCarthy. When are you going to write about your next big adventure?


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