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As of this November I’ve maintained this blog for two years.  Over that time, there’s been much thought imbued into the blog’s content, layout, and purpose.  I’ve also wrung my brain debating the implications of sharing on a forum such as this.  Here’s one recent train of thought, an explanation maybe.

The original ambition for the blog was to create a regularly updated account of my life and travels.  That ambition was quickly revised.  For one, that kind of documentation takes too much time.  Secondly, there are so many aspects of blogging that weird me out.  I never felt comfortable attempting to relay my personal life online to an unknown audience.  It felt like a chore trying to explain myself or my actions (like I’m doing right now).  By default, I’m a fairly private person.  Maintaining this blog has been a constant search to find a comfortable mode of expression.  At times I thought of just scrapping the whole enterprise.

However, I didn’t want to completely abandon blogging because it happens to be a great tool for organizing and sharing photographs.  I take a lot of photographs, and like to have some kind of outlet for them.  So, I continued posting, while extracting “myself” from the blog.  I began posting content that wasn’t personally about me.  Instead, I tried to pass along things I found interesting or wanted documented for my own recollections. [this post from Alaska is a good example: click ]

That said, there‘s little explanation or context offered within the posts here.  There are few pictures of myself, where I live, or where I work.  That’s because this blog isn’t meant to be a visual representation of my life.  It’s not intended to chronicle how I spend my time.  It doesn’t accurately document anything I do.  My life is really nothing like the pictures here.  In fact, this digital space isn’t really about me.

The random visitor might wonder whose taking the pictures?  They might wonder why there are images from seemingly random locations?  Under what circumstances does this person get around?  Well, if you’re a close friend or family reading this right now, you know the answers.  To anyone else, I guess the answers might not matter much anyways.

That said, what is this blog?  This blog primarily exists as an extension of one of my favorite hobbies.  Some people enjoy constructing little boats inside of bottles.  Others enjoy baking cookies.  I enjoy taking pictures.  Not only that, but I enjoy organizing, editing, and displaying them.  That’s half the fun.  This blog adds to the process and enjoyment of my hobby.  It’s a pleasant way to fill the days.

Here’s a metaphor I like.  Sometimes I’ll go to a beach.  There’ll be a piece of driftwood on the sand.  On the driftwood there’ll be an assortment of interesting rocks and seashells someone had found earlier.  They were left there and arranged nicely for the sake of sharing.  If anything, that’s the idea here, it’s a place to share all the visual rocks and seashells I’ve collected.

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  1. Finding that peice of driftwood on that warm sandy beach, filled with another persons collections is like finding a piece of sacared treasure…. and sharing that moment with that person who has left the collection behind. Thank you for sharing the treasure that you have discovered. Love your lil sis’, Grace

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