Urban Kaleidescopes

After work tonight I started fiddling around with Photoshop.  It was immediately calming.  I started to play around with layers and to arrange mirror images.  Anyone who uses Photoshop long enough will probably do this exact thing at some point.  The will probably think, just as I did, whoa, this is cool.  They might also get lost in a computer vortex. In my case, a number of hours passed in a trance-like state.  These hours resulted in sore eyes, a case of psychological trauma from being in front of a screen for half a night, and these strange images.  Enjoy.  The original images were all shots taken at night, mostly of roads, except for the one with the red orbs.  That was a shot of red lanterns adorning the aerial space outside a temple (see original below).

click on thumbnail for gallery

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