meta blog post 2

While scouring the internet I came across this blog.

The photographer, a hobbyist from Indonesia, posts blogs under the banner of “capturing the mundane to create interesting stories”.  Throughout his blog are many great examples of candid street photography.  There are, in fact, many interesting stories to be found.

One of his projects is to take pictures of people occupied with their cell phones.
here’s a link to a directory:

Although this subject is inherently “mundane”, it’s also contemporary and relevant. The images succeed in telling a story about how we live within our modern world.  He has also made the whole project more alluring through his techniques.

Viewing some of his posts and other similar posts has got my wheels turning (again) about the whole idea of blogging.  As someone who takes thousands of photographs each month, I’m constantly trying to attach meaning to this pursuit.

One way to look at the process of maintaining a photoblog (or any other blog for that matter) is that the average photographer becomes curator of their own digital museum.  The photographer mentioned above has carefully and purposefully created and displayed a unique “exhibit” exploring our tech-dependent culture.  By visiting his site, or others, you walk through the doorways of a cyber-museum.  With each mouse click you meander further through the corridors and spaces of another’s artistic vision.

So my conclusion, at least for today, is that the blog is a kind of museum of the internet age: digital, ever-changing, and always free of admission.  There are no hours.  You don’t have to wear shoes.  You can be as loud as you want.  And it’s encouraged to write something on the wall.

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