Montana Landscapes

It’s been awhile since I’ve last posted. As this is a photography blog, and not an online journal, I won’t stray too far from the theme.  However, some context might be useful.  Here’s a brief rundown of completely relevant information entirely specific to the pictures of Montana featured below.

– Moved back to the United States after a year and half living in Taiwan and New Zealand.
– My blog post New Zealand Landscapes was featured, or “freshly pressed” by, attracting a deluge of visitors, comments, new subscribers, and support.  I felt overwhelming excitement.  Thank you all who visited.
– During the summer I split my time between North Dakota (the homeland) and the scenic resort town of Big Sky Montana.
– I hiked at least 50 miles of trails around Big Sky.  I became exponentially stronger and more sunburned.  I video documented myself hiking to the top of Yellow Mountain, so I could show my parents what I do when I say “I hiked up a mountain.”  Intended as a documdrama, the film unexpectedly turned out as an awkward comedy.
– In what I consider a Facebook success story, I sought out a co-worker I worked with in Yellowstone National Park ten years ago.  Turns out, this summer he had returned for employment in the northern region of the park and invited me on an overnight backpacking trip into the wilderness of the park.  The two days of hiking through Yellowstone were the highlight of my summer.
– In September I moved to my current location, the country of Georgia, to serve as a volunteer English teacher.
– For the last two weeks I thought about updating my blog with some of the pictures from Montana, but all efforts were hampered by general distraction
– The sound of a rooster awoke me very early today.  Other animal sounds soon followed including squealing of nearby pigs, and a chorus of dogs, who bark at each other every morning.
– It’s raining very hard.  There’s thunder and lightening so I probably won’t go outside.
– There’s soup being cooked in a big kettle.
– The neighbors are distilling homemade whiskey, and wisps of smoke from their wood fire are drifting through the windows.  The smoke is calming and acts as a serum keeping me inside.
– There’s a loud television somewhere broadcasting Georgian soap operas.
– I drank two cups of coffee, before starting this cup of green tea.

Ahem . . . oh yes, Montana. During my time kicking around Montana I took thousands of photogrpahs.  Below are a few that I found interesting and worthy of sharing.

Also, I acquired the Olympus E-PL2 camera with the two kit lenses.  I also picked up a k-mount adapter and an old 50mm f/1.9.  In brief, I’m a convert to the micro four thirds format.  I intend to do a comprehensive write up of the camera’s features and performance, but, in truth, it’s unlikely to happen, unless it rains through the rest of the weekend.

Is anyone shooting with a M43 system or considering ownership?  What are your general impressions of the system?

[photography for the sake of photography]

4 thoughts on “Montana Landscapes

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  1. Wow, Great shots! I’ve got an EPL-2 as well and I love the thing! It’s perfect for travel photography.

  2. Wow Mike-Your pictures are amazing!! The stream pic makes me feel like I’m in a secret world, and your composition is beautiful. Jill

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