Photo of the Week #1

I’ve added a photo of the week category to this blog.  Here I hope to share a few of the odds and ends I encounter while walking around with a camera.

These are the remains of an industrial building in the Samegrelo region of Georgia.  What photographer doesn’t like an abandon building?  Not only that but the reflection in the water created some interesting symmetrical compositions. Interesting side story: as I wandered around this building a scowling Georgian man approached me from a nearby homestead.  He didn’t look to pleased that some foreign person with a camera was lurking around.  Just the previous day I learned the Georgian word for hobby, which in fact is “hobby” pronounced with a long “o”.  I told him that photography is my hobby.  As a rule of thumb, Georgians, upon hearing a foreigner speak their language, even poorly, become very enthused.  I then gestured towards the mountains behind us and spoke the word for beautiful.  That was all he needed to hear.  The man smiled greatly. We shook hands and exchanged names.  I answered as many questions as I could.  On that morning, walking around with a camera resulted in a friendly exchange.

3 thoughts on “Photo of the Week #1

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  1. Mike,
    Fantastic photo and liked the interplay between you and the Georgian man. I especially liked the fact that what could have been problamatic, had such a positive outcome. I look forward to your next photo!

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