Hello, my name is Mike Renner.  I’m from North Dakota.  I’ve spent the last four years traveling and working my way through Utah, Alaska, Taiwan,New Zealand, and most recently, the country of Georgia.  I’ve spent my time shoveling snow, shuttle driving, teaching English, and packaging kiwi fruit.  Currently, I’m back in my homeland of North Dakota, enjoying this beautiful state and the amazing company found here.

This blog serves as an outlet for some of my photography.  The images here were taken using the Canon 40d DSLR and an assortment of lenses (and just recently a Samsung ex1).  The content of the blog spans from the fall of 2009 through the present day.  Shooting locations include anywhere I might travel.

For more of my photography, please visit http://www.rennerphotog.com.  Although the site hasn’t been updated recently, you will find collections of my past photography.

I really enjoy discussing all things travel and photography.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments at mikelr@hotmail.com.

Thanks for visiting.

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