Blog Theory

What is this blog?  This blog primarily exists as an extension of one of my favorite hobbies.  Some people enjoy constructing little boats inside of bottles.  Others enjoy baking.  I enjoy taking pictures.  Not only that, but I enjoy organizing, editing, and displaying them.  That’s half the fun.  This blog adds to the process and enjoyment of my hobby.  It’s a way to fill the days.  It makes me happy.

Here’s a metaphor I like.  Sometimes I’ll go to a beach.  There will be a piece of driftwood on the sand.  On the driftwood there’ll be an assortment of interesting rocks and seashells someone had found earlier.  They were left there and arranged nicely for the sake of sharing.  If anything, that’s the idea here, it’s a place to share all the visual rocks and seashells that have washed to shore.

Blog Theory 1.1 (Mar 15, 2011)

There’s a person with a camera.  He likes to walk around and take pictures.  Over the years he amasses thousands of pictures. He wonders what to do with them.  This all consuming hobby needs an outlet, and maybe justification.

He creates a blog to share some of the pictures.  The pictures are serving their purpose: to be looked at.  Good.  He can continue to take more pictures.


The images on this blog are not necessarily posted chronologically.  The images do not represent any lifestyle, frame-of-mind, well-being, spiritual condition, mood, day-to-day activities, or opinions, etc.

The images are a select few that I find interesting.  They are photography for photography’s sake.

3 thoughts on “Blog Theory

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  1. Terrific statement about the bewildering phenomenon of blogging. I immediately loved your directory on your home page; functional, informative, full of intriguing metaphors and details, perfect! I know you want the black background for the images, but it really is a punishment to read.

  2. While I agree the pictures are serving their purpose by being looked at, I don’t think you need justification for something you love. Keep shooting – the act is what justifies all the expenses, the time, the “I’m not in the picture because I took the picture” moments that us photographers live for. I’d say the pictures justify (and deserve) the blog, not the blog justifying the pictures 😉

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