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Possible pictures at a beach

Here are two pictures a camera might capture with a thirty second exposure.  These are two scenes a person might witness on the beaches of, let’s say, Coral Bay on Perhentian Besar, Malaysia.  A person might be napping in their jungle chateau.  A person might wake up from this deep nap and notice the color of the sky has changed from it‘s previous blue to something more purple.  They might run from their chateau down to the beach.  Along the water may be an enchanting scene.  There might be a rock near the water that serves nicely as a tripod.  They might have left a tripod at home because it’s a burden to travel with.  That’s ok, because there are rocks and banisters (second picture) and all kinds of things to put a camera on everywhere.  The result of such a lengthy exposure combined with ever-rolling waves might look wispy(1st picture) or appear as a plane of glass or sand (2nd picture).  The pictures might turn out ok.  They may even end up on a person’s blog, so other people can see the wispy, or sand-lake water.  These kinds of things happen all the time.