Photo of the Week #3

Istanbul, Turkey.  I watched a movie on television tonight that took place in Istanbul.  It was an action movie in which the protagonist chased the "bad guys" through a lot of narrow alleyways.  In doing so, numerous fruit stands were destroyed.  In one scene a speeding SUV blasted through one of the stands, reducing it... Continue Reading →

Photo of the Week #2

One unlikely thing I will remember about Istanbul are the cats.  They are everywhere, stately, majestic, and, most of all, calm.  They perch everywhere, on signs, cars, stairways, roofs, and here, within a wall of posters.  Walking by this scene I did a double take to be sure I was seeing correctly.  Initially there was... Continue Reading →

Photo of the Week #1

I've added a photo of the week category to this blog.  Here I hope to share a few of the odds and ends I encounter while walking around with a camera. These are the remains of an industrial building in the Samegrelo region of Georgia.  What photographer doesn't like an abandon building?  Not only that... Continue Reading →

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