Urban Kaleidescopes

After work tonight I started fiddling around with Photoshop.  It was immediately calming.  I started to play around with layers and to arrange mirror images.  Anyone who uses Photoshop long enough will probably do this exact thing at some point.  The will probably think, just as I did, whoa, this is cool.  They might also... Continue Reading →

Hello 2012

Taipei 101 on New Year's Eve as seen from the 14th floor rooftop of the Meeting Place hostel.  Awesome firepower to ring in 2012.  Photographs by Mike.  Animation by friend.  Happy New Year!

meta blog post

As of this November I’ve maintained this blog for two years.  Over that time, there’s been much thought imbued into the blog’s content, layout, and purpose.  I’ve also wrung my brain debating the implications of sharing on a forum such as this.  Here’s one recent train of thought, an explanation maybe. The original ambition for... Continue Reading →

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