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scene 1

Sometimes photographs just materialize.  Take this image for example.  The other day I woke up.  Like many mornings,  I then looked out the window of my room.  There across the courtyard, five stories down, was this guy reading a book and smoking a cigarette.  He was taking a break from work.  Everything seemed staged for a photograph.  Here were some nice contrasts, as well as some textures.  Here was a human-being, during a candid moment, engaged in something universal.  It appeared to me as a pretty decent “street photography” moment.  Not yet awake for more than ten seconds, I found the camera, threw on a zoom lens, and pointed it out the window.  It turns out there was exactly ONE shot left on the memory card.  This is that shot.  Sometimes a person has to scour the streets to find a shot.  Other times it’s as simple as looking out the window.  Other times a person doesn’t even need to be wearing pants or be fully awake.

coincidental compositions

Here’s another pair of coincidental compositions (see previous post).  These two images were taken in succession, moments after each other.  They are the result of depressing the shutter randomly while coasting down various streets on a bicycle.  From a moving bicycle a person can’t really use the viewfinder or adjust any settings.  Th fun is leaving it to chance and seeing what happens, a reminder that sometimes even spilled paint can have some cool outcomes.