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The Tent Life

Ok, so here are some pictures of my tent.

This is pretty standard McCarthy-style digs.  Most seasonal employees are living in some variation of tent/shack/hut, etc.

Personally, I think this tent is pretty sweet.  In terms of wall tents this one is luxury.  Check out the van seat couch, spacious shelving, and desk.  Not only that, but I landscaped the front yard, adding a stone walkway.

However, the walkway hasn’t settled, and the moist upturned dirt attracted mosquitos.

Still, it’s all fun.

Here are some pictures of the real estate, followed by a brief meditation on tent life.  Cheers.

transcribed from the traveling, yellow, spiral bound notebook of 2010:

When I get back to the tent, late at night, I check the temperature recorded on my Casio alarm clock.

Sometimes, if it’s been sunny all day, the temperature reads sixty degrees.

Sometimes it has rained all day.  The mountaintops are dusted with fresh snow.  A person can see their breath.  On night like this the temperature is down into the lower forties.

I zip into two sleeping bags, insulating myself against the cold, and I wonder, somewhat amused . . . .

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Steamboat base-camping

Obligated to road or established trail, a person can engage with only a small part of this park.  The other 12.9999999 million acres is only accessed through dedicated backpacking trips, flightseeing, and base-camping.  The images in the following gallery are from a base-camping trip taken a few weeks ago in the Chugach Ranch.

On a Wednesday morning my coworker Matt and I were flown out to the Steamboat hills area of the Chugach Range.  Before leaving for the trip, an experienced backcountry guy in town advised me, “Appreciate the moment when the plane lifts off, and you are left standing there in the wind, surrounded by nothing but the wilderness.”  I held this idea in mind as the small Cesna 185 Skywagon lifted off of the rocky airstrip into the distance, not to be seen again for three days.  These pictures are from the three pristine days spent camping and hiking the surrounding ridgelines and lakes.

Just for fun and nostalgia’s sake, I’ve “vintaged” the images.  Click below for images of Matt Perched Stoically Amongst Dramatic Backdrops, or Stark Images of Yellow Tent Isolated Against Dramatic Backdop.  Cheers.