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trail and stream

While reminiscing over pictures from Alaska I stumbled across these two images.  I think the similarities are pretty striking.  Most apparent is the S curve of the trail and the stream as they meet the vanishing point.  Also, in each image a dark mass fills the left of the frame.  As a further coincidence, the shots were taken in immediate succession of one another on the same day.  I love a good coincidence, so I thought I would share.

Root Glacier

What do you do with giant glaciers?  Go hiking on them.  Take some pictures.  Fly around them.  Maybe designate the whole thing into a park.  Use the ice for mixed drinks.  Here are some select images from this summers many Root Glacier adventures.  Pictures on Ice, shaken not stirred. 

Jumbo Mine hike

In my opinion, one of the most rewarding/beautiful hikes accessible from the area.  This will take a person through it all – switchbacks with views of the Root Glacier, canopied fern lined trails, stream crossings, flowered ridgelines, and scree fields at the top.  At the crown, situated underneath Castle Peak, there are panoramic vistas of the surrounding area as well as lots of mining remnants

There is one disclaimer though: the hike can be a brute with an almost 4,000 ft elevation gain in three miles.  This makes a seven mile roundtrip that is well worth it, for those willing to sweet a little bit.