Jumbo Mine hike

In my opinion, one of the most rewarding/beautiful hikes accessible from the area.  This will take a person through it all - switchbacks with views of the Root Glacier, canopied fern lined trails, stream crossings, flowered ridgelines, and scree fields at the top.  At the crown, situated underneath Castle Peak, there are panoramic vistas of... Continue Reading →

Hidden Creek Lake floods

Every summer the Hidden Creek Lake, a glacier lake ten miles north of town, busts it’s dam.  This usually happens during the first few weeks of July.  When Hidden Creek Lake drains it floods nearby waterways, including the Kennicott River.  The banks corrode, and large chunks of ice charge downstream. For about twenty four hours... Continue Reading →

Canoeing the Root Glacier Pools

The Root Glacier, the ancient conveyor of ice, recedes near McCarthy.  This part of the glacier is covered with moraine - rocky debris scraped from the mountains at it’s source.  Underneath this debris lays the actual white ice most people associate with glaciers.  The toe of the glacier, as it’s called, is a wild place... Continue Reading →

Happy Solstice

Taken Monday June 21, at 11:30 p.m, two minutes after the sun reached it's northernmost extreme.  Summer is here.  May it be a good one.

The welcoming committee

The rickety old Golden Saloon serves as the only bar in McCarthy, Alaska.  It comprises one of about four buildings on the town’s dirt road main street.  This is where people congregate.  Outside of the saloon is where all the local dogs scamper around while their owners are inside drinking dark tap beer and playing... Continue Reading →

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