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scene 1

Sometimes photographs just materialize.  Take this image for example.  The other day I woke up.  Like many mornings,  I then looked out the window of my room.  There across the courtyard, five stories down, was this guy reading a book and smoking a cigarette.  He was taking a break from work.  Everything seemed staged for a photograph.  Here were some nice contrasts, as well as some textures.  Here was a human-being, during a candid moment, engaged in something universal.  It appeared to me as a pretty decent “street photography” moment.  Not yet awake for more than ten seconds, I found the camera, threw on a zoom lens, and pointed it out the window.  It turns out there was exactly ONE shot left on the memory card.  This is that shot.  Sometimes a person has to scour the streets to find a shot.  Other times it’s as simple as looking out the window.  Other times a person doesn’t even need to be wearing pants or be fully awake.