The Wealth

A foot of new powder.  People howling in rapture through the tree-runs.  More hoots heard throughout the mountain.  Snow bliss.  Powder smiles.  One skier blasting by me at about forty mph, giggling to herself.  Audibly giggling.  Storm delirium.  For me, a leisure hour or two of skiing.  Four solid, sometimes transcendent runs.  Deep.  Not skiing... Continue Reading →

The Illustrious Room 99

Landing at number 34 in Outside Magazine’s Editor’s Choice 2010 is the Alta Peruvian’s Room 99.  This is the same room that was featured in a Ski magazine article last year.  This Outside blurb seems to capture the spirit of things pretty well: "34. Room 99 There's nothing particularly remarkable about the Alta Peruvian Lodge's... Continue Reading →

Fishing Bells and Imaginary Books

“Such a long, long time to be gone and  a short time to be there” - Robert Hunter “Box of Rain” Somehow the cold wisps of snow lacing across the back of my neck and cheeks will lure my mind to thoughts of fishing.  For whatever reason, these towering mountains will lapse into thoughts about... Continue Reading →

Stellar Dendrites

Below is a picture of Jesse, a gnarly snowboarder who is not afraid to eat some snow.  Here he is about to enjoy a lot of snow.  Of course, Jesse was uninjured in this spill.  In fact, after crashing into the ground after sailing through the air upside down some forty feat, Jesse retained his... Continue Reading →

The Pow

The first knockout storm of the season has occurred.  With mythical intensity, the sky dumped over 40 inches of snow in just two days, at a rate of almost an inch an hour, burying almost everything.  In local jargon, we were “nuked”.   The bumpers and roofs of cars disappeared.  Walkways became impassable with snowdrifts.  Part... Continue Reading →

The symptoms of snow deprivation

“Conversation about the weather is the last refuge for the unimaginative” - Oscar Wilde I‘ve always liked this quote.  Yet, regardless of what Oscar Wilde says, in places where life is dictated by the weather, talking about it is sometimes necessary, especially at a ski resort during a snow drought. Since my last lengthy text... Continue Reading →

A few days on the mountain

Here is an album of random pictures from the last few weeks.  There are some pictures of me, Chad, and other friends.  Also, there are some pictures of the interior and exterior of the lodge.  I share these pictures with you, my friends and family.

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